About us

Maximo Efeito is a boutique business development consulting firm, specialized in channel development and sales assets management. For over 20 years we have been helping local and international companies to do business in Brazil.

Implement your sales growth strategy through Maximo Efeito: we provide the critical, expert, person to person sales link between the seller/exporter and the buyer/importer.

Optimize your travel costs and wear on your staff: we offer a specialized sales presence, with face-to-face service for your company and  products, designed to overcome language and culture barriers, vital to compete as a local supplier in your client’s market .

Our professionals are proven sales executives with the ability to quickly study new products performing the entire sales cycle for our client’s products, to open and develop sustainable markets in Brazil and Paraguay.

The key differentiators – the value proposition of your products, the power of your sales message – of your company will never be lost in translation.


Our Clients and Partners: